An experienced and qualified team

Under the supervision of Frédéric Bouvier, the Champion Academy team is managed by Philippe Lamur in charge of the tennis school of David Lloyd Country Club Geneva.

It is composed of eight tennis teachers, three for fitness, two for swimming, two for golf, one for padel, one for squash and three specialized educators. They are all qualified and work year-round at the Country Club Geneva.

Depending on the needs, hand-picked sports instructors will complete this team of experts. Not forgetting the exclusive competition of great champions, friends of the Champion Academy.


With its unrivalled experience in the practice and teaching of tennis, the Country Club Geneva places its unique know-how, its coaches and its courts at the disposal of the Champion Academy.


Playful and easy to practice, padel is the new racket sport to discover. It adapts to the level and physical condition of the players. Only the Country Club Geneva has three indoor courts, making the club the largest indoor centre in Switzerland.

Tennis - beautiful young girl tennis player

A demanding physical and tactical sport, squash has the particularity of being taught at the Country Club Geneva by a former world champion, Rady Elyan.


A sport of concentration and precision par excellence, golf requires good physical condition, flexibility and good muscle strength. The Country Club Geneva has a driving range and a 5000m2 small game area open all year round, in a very large space with a view of the lake.

Sport Collectif - Champions Academy

Ball sports are also practiced at the Champion Academy with the feet or hands, but always as a team. On the program: volleyball, basketball and football.


The Country Club Geneva swimming school puts its know-how at the service of the Champion Academy, thanks to a vast covered and heated swimming pool with daylight.