The Champion Academy welcomes brothers and sisters by offering a 5% discount for the second registered child, 10% from the third registered child.

In case of a course lasting several weeks, a 5% discount is offered from the second week, 10% from the third week.

In case of cancellation, 30 days or more before the course, the sum of CHF 200.00 is requested for administrative costs. Less than 30 days before the course, the totality of the course is due, unless a medical certificate is presented.

The amount of the course is due upon confirmation of the allocation of the place for the requested period.

Registration form Internship
from Monday 24 to Saturday 29 October 2022


First name

Date of birth (YYYYY-MM-DD format)

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Date of the training course
Week from Monday 24 to Saturday 29 October 2022

Type of training course
100% Tennis (from 7 years old) - CHF 1'100.00Tennis and Sports (from 6 to 10 years old) - CHF 1'200.00Tennis and Golf (from 7 years old) - CHF 1'300Little Champions (from 3 to 5 years old) - CHF 1050Kid's Tennis (3 to 5 years old) mornings (from Monday to Friday) - CHF 55050% Tennis (from 6 years old) mornings (from Monday to Saturday) - CHF 60050% Golf (from 7 years old) afternoons (from Monday to Friday) - CHF 700

Meal option for the Kid's tennis, 50% tennis and 50% golf courses - CHF 125-

Tennis/golf level


GCC member 10% discount on courses (the discount is not applied on the meals of the courses 50%, nor can it be cumulated)

Method of payment
CashCredit cardISREbanking

Additional information

By registering, each person accepts and agrees to respect the General Terms and Conditions of Sale and the Membership Rules and the Rules for the Use of Country Club Geneva's facilities (available on request from the Country Club Geneva reception desk or on the website) as well as any subsequent modification of the said rules and allows Country Club Geneva to use its image through of pictures. The Country Club Geneva ensures the confidentiality of this information

Payment for the course is due upon confirmation of the child's registration for the period requested.